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Christmas Fun

I finally got my Christmas decorating done and I wanted to share how it turned out.  I always have plans to do so many more things than I actually get done but the days just seem to fly by.

I was looking through some old photos the other day at all the different styles of trees we’ve had.  I’ve done real, fake, big, small, and one year I even tried doing 3 small live trees with the bases wrapped in gold paper.  It looked very pretty but the presents dwarfed the trees and I thought with a small tree you needed small ornaments, not so much haha.

In a small house you try everything you can with your space constraints.  But, when we purchased a huge artificial tree a few years ago I decided to move all the furniture over to make room instead of moving something to the garage or spare bedroom.  It’s a little tight sometimes but it’s so worth being able to have a big tree.  So today, with my unprofessional photographic talent, I’ll share some snippets of our decorations.

First up is our tree; a few times I’ve stuck to a color theme but I missed seeing all of the homemade ornaments from my daughter and the one’s my grandma made for all of us.  This year I decided to stick to mostly reds, silvers, and whites along with all the special ornaments and I think it looks great.  I hope you think so too.


Apparently I like Santas because over the years I have gathered quite an assortment and I love to group them together.  I’ve retired a few and added a few but I like how they look with the Nutcrackers and the two little angels (one for me and one for Whitney) that I’ve had since she was little.

20141213_085049I just couldn’t resist these little girls when saw them; a blond for me and a brunette for Whitney.

20141213_085147This little guy has hung by our TV every year since I got him at an ornament exchange party.

20141213_092533Some of my favorite decorations and ornaments to display are those made for me by my daughter.  It just wouldn’t be Christmas without Rudolph and the others.


20141209_191305_Richtone(HDR)What mom doesn’t love a popsicle stick ornament?

20141209_191154_Richtone(HDR)The crayons are precious, thankfully they haven’t melted in heat of the garage rafters.

20141209_191131_Richtone(HDR)Ahh, there’s my sweet girl 🙂



20141209_191008_Richtone(HDR)I love these homemade decorations by my mom and grandma.  Grandma is gone now so that makes what she made for us that much more special.  She made the Christmas Train and many other ornaments out of plastic canvas.  It was all the rage in her generation of crafters :-).  She made each of her great grandkids blocks with their names.  Those will go to my grandkids some day.

20141213_085324My mom made this Santa centerpiece several years ago and I love his relaxed style.  She’s very talented and made one for each of her kids and sold them at a few craft fairs one year.  She also made a beautiful garland swag that we broke out again this year and hubby hung it over the front door.

20141213_085906For us it wouldn’t be Christmas without the Nativity.  I purchased just the basic Willow Tree set a few years ago and will add to it eventually but for now my substitute angel seems to do the trick.

20141213_085547That’s it for our decorations this year, thanks for stopping by.  I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!