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Easy Ornament Updates – Make Plain Ornaments Gorgeous

Hey friends I’ve been a busy Christmas Crafter of late and I don’t think I’m done yet… Today I’m sharing how to make easy ornament updates to plain store bought ornaments and really make them fabulous.

Easy ornament updates for a quick gift.

But first!  I’m so happy to be participating in The Colorful Bloggers’ Colorful Christmas Blog Hop.  If you’re new here, welcome!  A Blog Hop is bloggers get together to create projects around a theme.  Today’s Hop is with a group of ladies who all joined up recently.  We call ourselves The Colorful Bloggers, because we all love decorating with color.

Click on the links to their blogs below and be sure to check out and Pin their projects for tons of Christmas decor inspiration.

Colorful Bloggers easy ornament updates.

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Our Hop theme this time was anything colorful for Christmas.  And if it’s easy that’s a bonus for us and you too because we’re all busy this time of year 🙂

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Easy Ornament Updates Supplies

I spotted these ornaments at Hobby Lobby and with my 40% discount they were a good price.  Especially if you want to give them away as gifts or in an Ornament Exchange like the one I participated in earlier this week.  But these were kind of boring so they needed some glamming up so they didn’t look so plain.

Easy Ornament Updates box of ornaments.

While perusing the aisles I also spotted the colored tinsel.  Hobby Lobby had lots of different colors but originally I was going to use these for my ornament exchange so I went with red because that’s what my partner likes too.  But then I re-read the rules and they had to be handmade.  I’m not a rule breaker soooo.

This is such an easy project I still wanted to share it with you; in case you need a quick gift/ornament for someone.  Maybe co-workers or neighbors you never know what to get them (we all know a few people like that).

  • Start by carefully taking the top off the ornament and set it aside.
  • Prop it in a dish or in a roll of tape with a cloth over it (that works really well).
  • Grab about 10 or more strands of the tinsel/icicles and cut them or pull them from the pack.

Tinsel for easy ornament updates.

  • Gather the ends and slip them into the neck of the ornament.
  • Push them down into the ornament and clip with scissors

Easy ornament updates with tinsel and scissors

  • Repeat until the entire length is in the ornament.
  • Grab another grouping of tinsel and continue the process as above.
  • You can vary the length of tinsel and you can spool it up a bit and slip it into the ornament.

Easy Ornament Updates with tinsel.

  • It doesn’t have to be perfect, you can move them around with a pencil or bamboo skewer if needed.
  • If any of the ends won’t go into the ornament (be careful not to cut your fingers) use a pencil eraser to push them inside.

Pencil pushes tinsel for easy ornament updates.

  • When it’s all full replace the top.
  • Cut about 16″ of the velvet ribbon for the hanger

And, you’re done!  Yep, it was fast wasn’t it?  Check out the before and after.  Which would you rather hang on your tree or receive as a gift?

Easy ornament updates before and after


Easy ornament updates closeup.

Who are you going to make some for?

Trio of easy ornament updates ready for gifts.

Pin It for later!

Easy Ornament Updates for Pinning

Bri Adams

Sunday 18th of November 2018

Toni, these are so cute!

Toni | Girl Just DIY

Wednesday 21st of November 2018

Thank you Bri, that tinsel really make the trees pop.


Thursday 15th of November 2018

Muy bonitos, me gusta la idea que nos muestras. Saludos

Mother of 3

Saturday 18th of November 2017

That red tinsel really makes the white trees stand out so nicely! Pinned.


Friday 17th of November 2017

These look great! Thanks for the idea...your photos Show it perfectly. I love tinsel but never have anywhere to use it. :-) My sweet mom put each separate piece of silver tinsel on our childhood Christmas tree so they looked like real icicles gleaming in the lights. This reminds me of that warm memory. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! Jane ~ San Diego


Friday 17th of November 2017

Those are so pretty! I love the idea and simplicity.