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Office Makeover Reveal – One Room Challenge Week 6

Friends, I made it!!!  I am so thrilled today because it’s finally time that I get to reveal to you my Office Makeover.  Whoot whoot, happy dance, celebrations, cocktails, and all that is how I feel to have this room finally completed.  I’m so excited to show you all the pretty after pictures.  It looks so good that I don’t want to sully this post with any of the horrid before pics.  I’ll let you hop on over and see those embarrassing pics from the Week 1 post on your own.

Office makeover reveal from doorway.

Our hard work paid off with a new home office space that’s well organized and more functional for working, crafts, and DIY projects.

Planning and Designing

When I jumped in with both feet weeks ago on Week 1 I had no real plan other than what I’d been thinking about.   I love colorful things and one thing I knew before I started was that I wanted to infuse some fun colors into the room.  The furniture would likely be white but there’d be plenty of opportunities to jazz up the room with color here and there.

I am happy to say my new office is everything I wanted it to be.

If this is your first visit I joined the One Room Challenge where you make over one room in your house over 6 weeks.  It’s really 5 weeks (even crazier) but 6 Thursday reveals.  The challenge is hosted by Calling it Home with House Beautiful as their media partner.  I got to participate as a Guest Contributor so be sure to check out the links at the bottom to see all the other wonderful reveals happening this week.

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Office Makeover Tour

Ok, I’ve made you wait long enough, it’s time for the tour.  Come along and let me show you my new office.

This view is just a sneak peak, the real action is hidden on the left of the room.  I never found a rug I loved for the room and I’ve decided to leave the floor bare for now.  The floors are gorgeous so why cover them up if you don’t have to.  A rug will be nice for when guests stay over and use our Murphy Bed.  This is a multi-functional room that finally functions like it.

Office makeover view from doorway.

Are you ready?  Here it is, in all it’s glory.  That fabulously large new L-shaped desk we built for this office that seemed to take forever.  It was worth the wait!!  I’m finally back in here working my part-time job and using it as my command center to build my blogging empire.  Haha, ok, building up my blogging business LOL  I never want a blogging empire, that requires too much maintenance.

Office makeover corner view of desk.

All the space, look at all the space I have on the right side of the desk!!!  There used to be a huge gap between desks and a big hole in the corner where the printer hung out.  And now everything that I could need is right at my fingertips.  And check out that beauty of a Desk Lamp, I seriously catch myself still admiring how great it turned out.  I gave my old metal stapler and tape dispenser a matching makeover.  Now they look like a set.

Craft area in my office makeover.

More views of that awesome lamp but also those fun galvanized buckets that are holding all my markers and brushes.

Green desk lamp for office makeover.

Finally, I have a spot to store my sewing machine.  I lucked out that it fit perfectly in to the desk component with just enough space for one of the Creative Options Project Boxes.  I picked mine up at Costco for about $20 for the 5 pack but they also have them on Amazon but I honestly wouldn’t pay the Amazon price.

Sewing machine storage in office makeover.

There are a few projects you’re getting a first look at today in this reveal.  When you’re DIYing an office makeover there are a ton of little projects you can get done quickly.  I’ll be sharing some of those projects in the next few weeks.

These shelves are one of those projects you’ll be seeing.  You know how I love cheap or free stuff, right?  Yep, I got those for free; another score from a Facebook Buy/Sell group.  They just needed a little bit of love.  I still need to find a few things for the top shelf but it’s this view so much better than the TV that used to hang on that wall?

Styled shelves for office makeover.


Primary work area after office makeover.

Since my free desk components only had one drawer each those Creative Options boxes are handy for odds and ends and paperwork we don’t use often.  I just need to add some labels on the fronts.

Colorful storage in desk after office makeover.

An office makeover wouldn’t be complete without a new chair.  Or a new to you chair, or better yet a newly recovered chair you already own.  I’m so glad my brother told me about the new wheels.  They make the chair roll much more smoothly and protect the expensive hardwood floors from damage.

New office chair recovered for office makeover.

The office makeover wouldn’t be complete it I didn’t find a new home for our printer; and I knew I’d have to build one to get the one I wanted.  I’ll be sharing the post for the build very soon so watch for it if you need a rolling printer cart for under your desk.  Oh, and don’t you just love the wall-mounted power strip?  The cord situation was making me nuts so this solution was free.  I even posted about it on Instagram.

Rolling printer cart for office makeover.

I know some people don’t love ceiling fans but we use ours all the time.  And the light on the old one in this room was busted so we headed to Home Depot and bought a new one for $99.  You guys, I can’t believe I lived and worked in such a low light situation for such a long time.  Isn’t she so pretty?

New ceiling fan for office makeover.

If you’ve seen the mess that was my old office you know I needed a little extra storage.  I was looking at the Container Store but couldn’t spend the money and lucked out when I found these Room Essentials baskets at Target for $3.50 each, and they’re made in the USA.

Extra storage for office makeover.

The tour is almost done, are you still with me?

I needed some place to store my craft paints (they were in three different drawers before) and came up with a cute little storage system from old sewing machine drawers.  The only place I had to hang this in the room was in the corner above the dog crate.  I didn’t take a picture of that corner because I still haven’t sewn the cover for the crate.  But I’ve had the fabric for a few years  #procrastinator

Every office makeover needs craft paint storage.

So the main tour is over but I wanted to share some fun stuff around the room now.  I’ve had these Sharpie Markers in a Ziploc baggie stuck in a drawer since I bought them.  Which means I never really used them.  Now that they’re out on display they fill the colorful quota and they’re easy to get my hands one when I need one.

Bucket full of sharpies for office makeover.

While I was shopping for storage stuff for the room I happened on this cute polka-dot hammer.  It’s a 5-in-1 Mini Hammer and I couldn’t pass it up because it reminds me of days at my sweet grandma’s house.  She used to have one I when I was little I loved pulling it apart and putting it back together.  I may never use it for it’s intended purpose but it makes me happy to see it on my shelf 🙂

Cute hammer for office makeover reminds me of my grandma.

And lastly there’s this little cutie.  I started a little makeover on her but ran out of time.  I’ll try to get her finished in the next few weeks.

Cute jewelry holder for office makeover.


Office makeover ORC sign.

Office makeover one room challenge

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#oneroomchallenge #ORC #housebeautiful

Thank you for joining me on this journey!  It was worth all the work to get my Office Makeover completed.


Primary work area after office makeover.



Carla from Kansas

Friday 28th of January 2022

I love your shelves. Did you make them? Buy them? Would you give me info on them please.


Tuesday 15th of February 2022

I actually got them for free on the Facebook Marketplace. It was such a score I couldn't believe it. One had some damage so I cut it down and just sanded and stained the end and you can't tell.


Tuesday 1st of September 2020

Love your desk/office makeover, beautiful ! Can you tell me how tall your desk components are? Thank you!


Saturday 5th of September 2020

Hi Deb, I thought I included that in the post, they're 28-1/2" tall. They were originally designed to have a separate desktop component stacked on top of them.


Friday 27th of July 2018

I really like the makeover. Everything looks really beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.


Monday 16th of July 2018

Your office looks really awesome. You have decorated it so beautifully and creatively. I have also updated my office recently. In order to add some glow I have placed a Himalayan salt lamp in my office. This lamp is so beautiful and gives off a subtle and warm glow which is perfect for the office.


Tuesday 15th of May 2018

What a beautiful space to be productive in, it's like a breath of fresh air! Beautiful job!

Toni | Small Home Soul

Wednesday 16th of May 2018

Thank you Joy, this room sure needed to be woken up a bit from the boring and disarray of the before.