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Rolling Printer Cart with Build Plans

When I was planning my new office space I knew I needed a good solution for my printer that would keep it out of sight but still accessible. I partnered with Build Something to bring you this Rolling Printer Cart. Build Something is Kreg Tools DIY Project Plan Site.  The best part of this partnership is that you get the free plans, which I link to below.

Rolling Printer Cart under desk.

Even in our smart phone and online lives we still all need a printer now and then.  I love my combo printer that I can use to scan documents after signing, or making a quick copy of a recipe (yes I still keep paper recipes). But having a bulky printer sitting around isn’t ideal when you’re trying to make your space look as good as possible. I worked so hard on my Office Makeover that I didn’t want a bulky printer hanging out on the desktop.

Planning my Rolling Printer Cart

I knew my printer cart needed to also store the paper and envelopes, so it would need a shelf.  That took me a little bit to figure out how to make that all happen, but once I figured it out, drawing up the plans was ease.  This build would really be for a beginner since all the cuts are square and there are no small pieces or special angles.

Making this printer isn’t very hard at all, and it only takes about a half sheet of plywood (you’ll find the full cut list in the linked plans).  I was lucky enough to use some extra, pre-painted, shelves from our Kitchen Remodel.  I still needed to make some cuts, but it sure was nice to have it mostly pre-painted.

Cutting boards for a rolling printer cart.

The cart goes together very easily using the Kreg pocket-hole Jig.  I made sure to carefully plan out the placement of all pocket holes, especially at the corners.

Drilling pocket holes for rolling printer cart.

The pre-drilled pocket holes make assembly super quick after a dry fit of all your parts.

Rolling Printer Cart dry fit before assembly.

If you want to paint or stain your rolling printer cart I do recommend that you do that before you start to assemble.  Getting a paint brush into the shelf area would be difficult and messy.

After the build is complete you just need to add some wheels and your cart is now a rolling printer cart.  Ready to use and easy to slide in and out from under the desk.

Rolling Printer Cart in use.

If I had to purchase the wood for this project it would cost me about $30 for a half sheet of plywood and a few dollars for the wheels and screws.  That’s a pretty good deal for such a sturdy piece of furniture that will last a very long time.

Click the link above to get your plans to build your own rolling printer cart.

Lots of useful storage in the rolling printer cart.

I pulled it out of the corner a bit so I could take a well-lit picture.  But this little rolling printer cart tucks into the corner so nicely that it’s completely out of the way until I need it.

Rolling printer cart in the corner.


Build your own Rolling Printer Cart with my plans.

Don’t want to build your own rolling printer cart?  Here are a few I found on Amazon that might suit your need.

I hope you love this project as much as I do, I can’t believe how easy it was to build.

Until next time,