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Savory Quinoa and Chicken

Hey friends, have you ever just thrown a dish together that turned out super tasty and then couldn’t remember exactly what you put in it?  I’ve done that too many times so I started making notes on an app in my phone of the ingredients as I throw them in so I can recreate that dish later.  That’s what I did for this super yummy savory quinoa and chicken.  And I remembered to put it into my notes so I can make it again.

This recipe will feed a crowd since I was taking it to a friend’s for a BBQ.  You can easily cut it in half for your family.  Or you could do like I do and enjoy leftovers for dinner another night.  I love to bulk cook for this reason since there are only two of us in the house, that way I don’t have to cook as often 🙂

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Savory Quinoa and Chicken Ingredient List

  • 1 Small Onion diced
  • 1 Lg Clove Garlic minced
  • 1-1/2 Tablespoon Fresh Thyme Leaves
  • 1-1/2 Teaspoon Chopped Fresh Rosemary
  • 1 Tablespoon Chopped Fresh Sage
  • 6 Cups plus 1/4 cup Chicken Stock
  • 3 Cups Quinoa (this is my favorite brand)
  • 2 Tsp Salt (I love pink himalayan)
  • 1 Tsp Black Pepper
  • 3 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 3 Chicken Breasts (optional) and more olive oil for pan frying.

Thankfully I have all the herbs I wanted to use for this savory quinoa dish growing like crazy in my garden.  You can use dried herbs but according to Martha Steward “Because dried herbs are generally more potent and concentrated than fresh herbs, you’ll need less — use 1/3 the amount when substituting with dry (I paraphrased).”

Most people think of sage, rosemary, and thyme as Thanksgiving spices but they go together nicely any time of year.

Fresh thyme, rosemary, and sage herbs in orange bowl on counter.

As you dice and/or mince the onion, garlic, and the herbs keep them separated.  Heat the 3 Tbsp olive oil in a 12″ skillet on medium.  Add the onions and saute until they start to become translucent.  Add the 1/4 c of chicken stock and the garlic.  The chicken stock will keep the garlic from burning and becoming bitter.  Saute for a few minutes before adding the herbs.  Continue to saute until yours looks like this.

Onions being sauteed in a skillet.

Set the pan aside and start on the Quinoa.  Heat the chicken stock until it comes to a boil, add the quinoa, the salt & pepper, and the herb and onion mixture to the chicken stock.  Return to a boil and give it a stir before putting on the lid and reducing the heat to simmer on low for 15 minutes.

Quinoa cooking in skillet for savory quinoa side dish.

The quinoa will be done when you see the little white rings (the germ).  Be careful not to overcook or it will become mushy.  Remove from heat and fluff it with a fork.  Return the lid and let it sit for 5 minutes.  When you check it at 15 minutes if it’s still a tiny bit firm to taste and there’s a lot of liquid left leave it on the heat uncovered for a few minutes to let some evaporate as it continues to cook.  Check it often and once done remove from heat and cover for a few minutes .

Closeup of savory quinoa side dish with onion and herbs.

When you start heating the broth for the savory quinoa start cooking your chicken breasts.  I like to use a complimentary spice on the chicken such as Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb.  When they’re done let them rest under tented foil for 10 minutes to retain all the juices.

Transfer the savory quinoa to a serving dish and top with sliced chicken breast.  I like to put mine into this old casserole dish that was my grandmas.

Savory quinoa and chicken dish in a pyrex serving bowl.

An ancient dish for an ancient grain 🙂 ahh, I miss my sweet grandma.

top view of yummy savory quinoa and chicken dish.

Doesn’t this just make your mouth water?

Closeup of savory quinoa and chicken dish with fresh herbs.

I hope you have a chance to make this dish soon, it’s even better the second day.

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Susie from The Chelsea Project

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Oh...Yumo!! This looks so delish...wish I could swing by for this yummy dish and a little chat out on your refreshed patio... XOXO

Toni Harvey

Friday 24th of June 2016

That would be so lovely, if only we didn't live on opposite coasts :)


Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

this looks delicious, like the perfect summer dinner! I can't wait to try it.

Toni Harvey

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Kellie, it's so delish, your family will love it!

Sam@Raggedy Bits

Tuesday 21st of June 2016

This looks so delicious!!! I love it when things you throw together turn out! Great idea with the app though, so you don't forget! Can't wait to try this, thank you for sharing your little secret :-)

Toni Harvey

Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

Sam, you are going to love this! I don't have an iPhone so on my Samsung Galaxy I installed Color Notes. You can create a note as a checklist (for shopping) or as text. Sometimes I just use speech to text and ramble the stuff I've added and then go back and organize it when I'm done cooking.


Tuesday 21st of June 2016

It looks good. I have never had quinoa, can you believe that?

Toni Harvey

Tuesday 21st of June 2016

Debra, you have to give it a try, it's delish! It has a slightly nutty flavor when cooked. And it's super healthy, so that's a nice bonus.