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A New Bedroom Rug – Picking the perfect size!

Hi friends, today I’m going to share my journey to picking the perfect size bedroom rug.  When we had wall-to-wall carpet I had a rug beside the bed more for looks than anything.  But when we installed our hardwood floors I wanted a different look than the muted tones I had before.

Follow these easy tips when choosing a new Bedroom Rug and you won't go wrong.

Since the old rug was now at the front door I needed to get a new one.  Well, actually two because hubby needed one also.  We were nearly finished installing our floors so I ran to Home Goods and picked up two coordinating rugs.

I wanted something soft and warm our first morning hopping out of bed. As usual, I wanted something bright and vibrant, so that’s what I picked 🙂

Boy, bright and vibrant is a good description.  I loved the colors but they just never looked good to me once the room was put together.  My husband has come to expect my bright color choices and is mostly supportive, but I was finding them hard to decorate around.

Maybe one of these days I should actually try a mood board before I start redecorating a room.

On top of my decorating dilemma these rugs did nothing to change the fact that the bed frame now blended right into the new floors.  These little postage stamp bedroom rugs just weren’t working.  It was time to go shopping again.

Great!  I love shopping!!  But what size bedroom rug should I look for?  I know I’ve mentioned our house is small and it goes without saying that our bedroom is also small.  So small in fact that taking pictures of the entire room is difficult.

There are bonuses to having a small house but I’ll leave that post for another day.  Just know that with the bonuses you also get struggles 🙂

Before I was ready to whip out my card I needed to find out what size rug would work in our room.  On One King’s Lane I found some really great tips on this very topic.  They have tips for every room but I’ll just list the ones for bedroom rugs since that’s what this little post is about 🙂

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Buying the perfect size bedroom rug:

  • Rugs should extend 36″ on all three sides of the bed (both sides and the foot)
  • Alternatively, you could have it extend only on the sides leaving the foot of the bed directly on the floor
  • General size guidelines:
    • Queen Bed – buy an 8′ x 10′ Rug
    • King Bed – buy a 9′ x 12′ Rug
  • You could also go with runners on either side of the bed
    • Shoot for 2′ 6″ x 8′ runners
    • They also suggest 3′ x 5′.
    • My little rugs weren’t quite that big but I think smaller are rugs by a bed look best if they’re over carpeting.

With those measurements in mind I started my hunt.  I knew I wanted a blue rug to go with the bed pillows I already had.  So off I went and spent hours and hours online looking at rugs.

I started on Target because they have very reasonably rug prices.  I saw many that I loved but I was having a hard time choosing.  Sometimes too many choices isn’t a good thing at all.

Scoring the perfect bedroom rug:

Then one weekend we were in Costco and they had just received a huge shipment of rugs.  I flipped and flopped about which rug would look best and I finally settle on this one 🙂  Getting it under the bed without disassembling it was tricky but we managed it.  And my Stenciled Drop Cloth Pillow looks great on the bed too.

Follow these easy tips when choosing a new Bedroom Rug and you won't go wrong.

I think you’ll agree that it’s a beautiful bedroom rug!  And it’s a huge improvement over the postage stamp.  See how the bed frame doesn’t seem to get disappear into the floor anymore?

Follow these easy tips when choosing a new Bedroom Rug and you won't go wrong.

I didn’t think I was a traditional rug kind of girl but I really love this rug!  It’s 6.5′ x 9.5′ which is kind of an unusual size but it works perfectly under our bed.

Because our room is small finding a rug that would extend to the dresser wasn’t an option either.  Sometimes you just have to work with the room you have and make happy compromises.

Follow these easy tips when choosing a new Bedroom Rug and you won't go wrong.

Where do you purchase Hickory Hardwood Flooring?

Don’t you love the floors? We had dogs then so I wanted the floors to be durable, and Hickory is one of the hardest wood floors you can buy. We got ours locally but you can purchase samples of Hickory Flooring online.

Source the Best Bedroom Rugs

Our new bedroom rug is called Grand Expressions by Mohawk and it’s got a cushy, very thick pile. It feels so yummy on your toes first thing in the moorning.

I believe we paid around $169!!  Only $169 for this quality rug, cheap right?

Shopping for rugs can be exhausting so I hope these tips has been helpful to you.  Don’t forget to pin it to your favorite Rugs or Floor Coverings Pinterest board for reference later 🙂

Follow these easy tips when choosing a new Bedroom Rug and you won't go wrong.

Until next time,


How about a lovely throw for the end of the bed?

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Wednesday 21st of September 2016

Fantastic tips. Rugs really do cozy up a room and can change the look depending on the style.

Toni Harvey

Tuesday 27th of September 2016

Thanks Debra, and I completely agree about being cozy. My room was just not looking finished until I found the right rug.


Monday 12th of September 2016

Great post Toni. I am on the hunt for a bedroom rug and wasn't sure about the dimensions. Thanks for your help.

Toni Harvey

Tuesday 13th of September 2016

Hi Denise, I'm glad they were helpful to you. I can't wait to see what rug you choose for your bedroom!

Susie from The Chelsea Project

Thursday 8th of September 2016

Love the color so much And I totally agree about wanting something warm and comfy underfoot first thing in the morning. This rug should do the trick. And thanks for the terrific tips. Susie from The Chelsea Project

Toni Harvey

Tuesday 13th of September 2016

Thank you sweet Susie, it is so plush and feels good on my tootsies :)

Karen Marie Kedzuch

Thursday 8th of September 2016

Toni, The rug looks prefect in your bedroom framing your bed and night stands. Your stenciled drop cloth pillows are beautiful too. Happy Creating, Karen Marie

Toni Harvey

Tuesday 13th of September 2016

Thank you so much Karen! I am so happy with the rug. I wish I could get it in other sizes because I'd use it in the living room too :)


Wednesday 7th of September 2016

I just love what you chose! Getting the perfect rug makes a world of difference. Just love it!

Toni Harvey

Wednesday 7th of September 2016

Thank you Carolann, I was absolutely not going for a rug in a traditional pattern, but this one just grabbed me :)