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Easy DIY Sheet Music Mason Jar Vases

For this month’s Thrift Store Challenge I’m excited to use some old sheet music I found at a Teen Challenge store. Sheet music crafts is popular right now so I got busy this weekend and created these beautiful Sheet Music Mason Jar Vases.

Three sheet music mason jars on table filled with hydrangeas next to lamp.

I like shopping at the Teen Challenge Thrift Store when I’m in the area because they offer a Christ-Centered treatment program to help people get clean and sober.  They staff the stores with program graduates and all proceeds go to support the Teen & Adult treatment facilities.

That day I bought a bunch of stuff for around $20 (their prices are low too-bonus!!).  Oh, that might be where I picked up the Brass Platter that mysteriously appeared in the garage 🙂 

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Sheet Music Mason Jar Vases – Supply List

Step 1: Prepare the sheet music

Ready to have fun making your new Sheet Music Mason Jar Vases?  This project reminded me so much of when I was in grade school and I made a tissue paper vase for my grandma using a red wine vinegar bottle 🙂

  •  Start by tear your sheet music into 2″ pieces.  Any shape is fine.
  • I tore up 3-4 pages for 3 vases.
Torn sheet music pages ready to decoupage
  • Tear one long section more straight to use this near the neck. Probably 3/4″ tall by the circumference of the jar.  I didn’t use scissors for the upper edge but you could.
  • Tear along the length of the paper about half way up.  This will help it wrap around the jar without buckling.

Step 2: Decoupage the sheet music

  • Using your craft brush apply a thin layer of mod podge around the neck, enough so all the paper touches the mod podge.
  • Apply and adjust the sheet music until it’s snug at the rim.
  • Brush more mod podge on top of the sheet music.
Mason jar with torn sheet music pages glued on.
  • Now start applying your pieces in the same manner as above overlapping the edges to cover the glass.
  • Use your fingers to press out any excess glue near the ridges in the glass before you layer your next piece.
  • When you get to the bottom edge use the same tearing method as the neck but this time use the regular size pieces as shown below.
mason jar with torn sheet music decoupaged on sides.
  • Wrap your sheet music pieces onto the bottom edge of the jar slightly.
    • Psst-don’t lay your jar down if the mod podge on that side is still wet or it will stick and pull off some of the sheet music 🙂
    • Or…. lay it on wax paper if necessary to do the bottom edge.
Paintbrush with decoupage gluing on torn sheet music to mason jar.
  • When the jar’s covered press down any edges that are sticking up.
  • Give it one all over coat of mod podge and set it aside on wax paper to dry.

Step 3: Paint the Jar Lids

While the vases are drying paint the metal rings of the jar lids with a few coats of black Chalkboard Paint and let them dry.

One sheet music mason jar vase completed.

Bathroom OrganizerMason Jar Utensil Caddy
Patriotic Mason Jar Centerpiece

Step 4: Add some Music Notes

To really make the jars look beautiful make them unique and add some labels with musical notes.  I made mine using Word to fit inside the raised oval area on the jars.  If your small mason jar doesn’t have a raised oval (mine didn’t) do a little math, and trial and error, to find the right size to scale.

  • Print off a few samples on white paper to find the size for each jar that you’re happy with.
  • Then feed a page of sheet music into the printer to get the perfect labels.
  • Lastly cut out the circles and mod podge them onto the vases.
Printed music notes in circle on sheet music.

If you plan to use your sheet music mason jar vases for fresh flowers you’ll want to protect it.  Give them a spray coat of the Polycrylic to protect them from water drips on the outside of the vase.

That’s it, Simple Simon right?  And now you have three beautiful Sheet Music Mason Jars to display your favorite fresh or faux flowers.

Three sheet music mason jars on table filled with hydrangeas next to lamp.

Easy Market SignEasy Map Art

Music sheet mason jar vases filled with hydrangea on dining room buffet.

Aren’t these faux hydrangea blossoms beautiful, and so realistic looking too? You can see how I used more of them in my tutorial for making a DIY Hydrangea Wreath.

Sheet music mason jar vases filled with faux hydrangeas on coffee table.
Music sheet mason jar vases filled with colorful hydrangea flowers in tray on coffee table.

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Less Miller

Wednesday 29th of September 2021

I didn't realize the music sheets were on the outside. I thought they were inside. Its absolutely amazing.


Monday 20th of September 2021

This is so nice, I really like it. Do you have a hard time gluing the notes that you printed cause it is not napkins? You did a good job...


Monday 1st of November 2021

Thanks, I'm glad you like them. I didn't have trouble at all adding the notes, they were printed on regular computer paper so they were much thinner than the music sheets.


Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Outstanding. I love these! They are so original and totally charming.


Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Outstanding. I love these! They are so original and totally charming.

Michelle Leslie

Monday 12th of March 2018

Love the look Toni. They're so perfect together with those pale pink hydrangeas and the little label you added does take it to the next level. Beautifully done