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Easy and Fast Fluffy Winter Wreath to DIY

Are you sad when the Christmas decorations come down? And you still want some of that winter decorating magic, right? Make this Fun and Fluffy Winter Wreath which is sure to keep your decor happy until Spring.

Closeup of grape clusters on white fluffy winter wreath.

This is a fast DIY that you can make in 30 minutes or less. Aren’t those the best kind of crafts?

Mine hangs on our porch but this beauty will look great hanging on a mirror, interior door, or even propped on the mantle or bookshelf.

Full disclosure… I’ve never been a big seasonal decorator, except for some fun SpringThanksgiving, or 4th of July wreaths. But I’m expanding my horizons.

When I was cruising around Walmart looking for some yarn to put in my DIY Yarn Bowl I discovered some awesome fuzzy yarn.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, maybe some arm knitting?

Ever the craft supply buyer I threw three skeins into my cart.

Let’s get started and you’ll see how easy this is to make.

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Supplies to DIY a Fluffy Winter Wreath

Crafting a Fluffy Winter Wreath

This craft is going to go pretty fast, you’ll be hanging you new fluffy winter wreath on your front door before you know it.

Step 1: Gather all your supplies

  • Start by pulling out several feet of yarn from the skein.
  • You could also roll a bunch of the yarn it into a ball if you like.
  • Heat up your glue gun and grab your scissors.

Step 2: Get started wrapping the wreath

  • Run about a 1″ bead of glue on the wreath form.
  • Place the end of the chenille yarn over the bead of glue.
  • Press and hold until the yarn is set.
Adding dollop of hot glue to green wreath form to attach white fluffy yarn.
Pressing chenile yarn onto hot glue on green wreath form.

Now the fun and very easy part begins.

  • Loop the yarn around the wreath form several times.
  • Stop occasionally to tighten and bunch it together.
Skein of white chenile yarn looping around wreath form.
  • Every dozen or so loops make sure the yarn is tight and bunched nicely.
  • Apply another bead of hot glue to the wreath form at the end of the bunched section.
  • Press the yarn in and wait until it’s set.
Adding more hot glue to wreath form after wrapping section of chenille yarn.
  • Resume the looping and bunching
White chenille yarn wrapped halfway around a wreath form.

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Step 2a: Keep wrapping

  • Keep gluing as you go
3rd application of hot glue to secure yarn to wreath form.

Keep at it stopping to glue every 10 loops or so. When you get close to the end you’ll want to squeeze in an extra loop or two if you can.

Pull back tightly on the sections you’re still looping to get those extra rows in.

Compressing chenille yarn on wreath form to fully cover fluffy winter wreath.

Step 3: Finish off the loops

The last loop of yarn should stop on the same side you started. That way they’ll both be hidden at the back. Honestly you’ll have a hard time finding them later.

  • Estimate where to cut your yarn.
  • Separate the loops and apply a bead of hot glue.
  • Press and hold the end piece in place.
Gluing end of chenile yarn to white fluffy winter wreath.

If you’re using a green wreath form versus a white wreath form make sure none of the green is showing before you glue each section.

Step 4: Create a hanger

You can use some pretty ribbon if you want or you can do like I did. Make your hanger out of the same yarn and glue it in place between a few loops.

Completed fluffy winter wreath with hanger made from more chenille yarn.

Add a pretty Wintery Touch

There are so many ways you could finish off your fluffy winter wreath. I chose some grape cluster picks I took from my Christmas stash. Or you could also use some sparkly winter picks.

Or you could add pine cones, winter greenery, or anything that says winter to you.  I think these grape cluster picks look perfect on my winter wreath.

Grape cluster on front of fluffy winter wreath.

I added two grape clusters to my finished winter wreath.  It looks beautiful with one or two clusters. Or put whatever wintery pick or doodad you prefer.

Finished fluffy winter wreath hanging on porch wall.

Closeup of grape clusters on fluffy winter wreath.

I really like the shiny contrast of the grapes against the fluffy and muted wreath.  Whatever wintery adornments you add to yours it will be a lovely addition to your winter decor, inside or out.

Pin it for later!

Completed fluffy winter wreath with grape clusters.

Are you a winter-time decorator?  What are your favorite things to decorate with after your Christmas decorations come down?

After you make your own fluffy winter wreath I’d love to see it; please send me a picture by EMAIL.

Now, what to do with the rest of that skein of yarn? 🙂

Kathleen Jones

Sunday 5th of January 2020

I think your wreath looks VERY elegant. The red on the white is exciting & colorful. I think it is just perfect.

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Tuesday 5th of March 2019

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Michelle | Thistle Key Lane

Monday 14th of January 2019

Your fluffy winter wreath is darling. Thank you for linking up with The Creative Circle.